Episode 4 - December 22

A conversation with Will Butler-Adams of Brompton Bicycle

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Nadim Sadek

Nadim Sadek

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Will Butler-Adams

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About the episode:

In this episode, Nadim chats to Will Butler-Adams, managing director of Brompton Bicycle. Founded in 1975, the unique bike manufacturer makes over 45,000 bikes per year and has Brompton Junction stores in major cities around the world, including Milan and New York. Together, they discuss how Brompton have taken the world by storm, and attempt to get to the root of why people are so attracted to the brand. They delve into Brompton’s bike hire scheme and how two key central strands – exercise for mental health, and cycling more open to aid global sustainability efforts, are to the use of the product. Nadim provokes Will’s ideas on the tech and innovation behind the product and how they are “redefining urban living.”


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