Episode 2 - December 2

A conversation with Simon Hayward, CEO of Cirrus

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Nadim Sadek

Nadim Sadek

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Simon Hayward

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About the episode:

In this episode, our host Nadim talks to Dr Simon Hayward, chief executive of Cirrus. The firm provides leadership development and change programmes to international organisations across a range of sectors. With over 30 years’ experience, Simon has advised major clients, including Marks and Spencer and HSBC to become more agile through technology and responding to customer demands. In this episode, they discuss Simon’s most recent book, ‘The Agile Leader,’ which focuses on leaders guiding their teams towards stability and prosperity. They explore how Simon built the Cirrus brand from the ground up, and how he’s driving it into the future, and Nadim zeroes in on Simon’s feelings surrounding  the current political climate – Brexit and the government’s response to the Coronavirus.


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