Episode 15 - March 24

A conversation with Rob Burns, Co-founder & President of Night Shift Brewing

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Nadim Sadek

Nadim Sadek

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Rob Burns

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In this episode, Nadim Sadek has a conversation with Rob Burns, Co-founder and President of Night Shift Brewing. Founded in 2007, the brewery began in a small kitchen on Josephine Avenue in Somerville, Massachusetts, with a trio of friends who shared a passion for homebrewing. In 2012 their hobby became a business, operating in a series of locations in Everett and Boston, and distributing to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Maine and New Hampshire. In this discussion, Rob describes their business mission – to disrupt the wholesale landscape, with a portfolio spanning craft beer, wine, spirit and non-alcoholic beverage brands. He discusses how critical “superfans” have been to the product’s overall success, especially in the early days. Lastly, Nadim provokes Rob’s thoughts on Night Shift’s legacy, what they stand for, and how they plan to stand the test of time.


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