Episode 6 - January 13

A conversation with Jason Trost, CEO and Founder of Smarkets

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Nadim Sadek

Nadim Sadek

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Jason Trost

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In this episode, Jason Trost, chief executive and founder of Smarkets joins Nadim for a conversation about his latest business venture, Smarkets. The company simplifies peer-to-peer betting on hundreds of markets daily. One of the world’s largest betting exchanges, their platform has handled over £8 billion worth of bets since launching in 2010 – becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. Jason describes  how he built his brand from the ground-up, bringing about a new style of betting and disrupting the industry; explains the significance of a values-led proposition and business model, and his passion to invariably improve the product. Lastly, Nadim provokes Jason’s thoughts on his own leadership style, and how it has shifted from an “aggressive sports coach model,” to a more supportive “Oprah-like model.”


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