Episode 10 - February 17

A conversation with James Hewes, President and CEO of FIPP World

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Nadim Sadek

Nadim Sadek

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James Hewes

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In this episode, Nadim Sadek has a conversation with James Hewes, President and CEO of FIPP. Founded in France in 1925, it is one of the world’s leading membership organisations – empowering members to build market-leading international media businesses through intelligence, solutions and partnerships. Before this, he worked across BBC Worldwide and BBC Magazines for over a decade, and subsequently became publishing director for Top Gear, Good Food, Easy Cook and Lonely Planet Magazine, responsible for brands across print and mobile applications. In this discussion, James gives a behind-the-scenes take on his experience at the BBC, and the many lessons learned working for one of the country’s most iconic brands; and shares his thoughts on the many ways that brands have had to pivot, to thrive in an increasingly virtual world. Lastly, Nadim provokes James’ thoughts on the future of business and trends in the branding world that are here to stay… 


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